Guppy K1 and K2 now have an upgraded fitout. No more unscrewing bolts for footbar adjustments, now have easy toggle mechanism which is not only easier for kids to adjust, but faster, and less chance of losing loose parts. Also proud to announce drop in price, and also all Guppies are continuing to be fully produced locally.- August 2012

Kaos Water Sports wishes to say congatulations to all who participated in the State Marathon Titles at Bayswater Paddlesports Club on the weekend. I would like to make a special mention  of the Guppy paddlers who are all improving at such a rapid rate, from week to week. It is so good to see how much our sport is growing, and where the future is heading. It is very rewarding for me to attend these events, and see these kids doing so well, paddling  Kaos Kayaks. The results from the weekend, reflect how well the kids are doing paddling a Kaos Kayak:


3rd            Daniel Bowen

4th            Jack Cappendell


1st- State Champion      Demi O'brien

2nd                                   Tyler Amenti


1st- State Champions     River Amenti/Adam White

3rd                                    Gregory Bell/ Dylan Smee

4th                                    Noah Boldy/ Gabby Bushby


1st- State Champions     Daniel Bowen/ Jack Cappendell

2nd                                    Demi O'Brien/ Shania Smee

6th                                     Tyler Amenti/ Grgory Bell

I would like to say a big well done to the above paddlers as well as all other Guppy competeitors. I am watching the progression of this group of paddlers with a huge amount of interest, as I think this group may hold a number of future Olympians.                                   

Unfortunately, this sunday, the 29th of May 2011, we will not be attending our usual stall at Canning Vale Markets. However, as the Major Sponsor of the 2010/2011 WA Canoeing Marathon Series, we will be displaying our range of products at the Double Barkers Race which Starts and Finishes at Ascot Kayak Club. For those of you who don't know, Ascot Kayal Club is located at Garvey Park, on Fauntleroy Ave in Ascot. We will be there from 7am onwards, and look forward to seeing a big turnout of competitors, and spectators alike.

We will again be displaying our products at the Canning Vale markets on Sunday 22nd of May 2011. Please come and visit us and have a close look at our range and organise a free test paddle of any of our products.

If you would like to come and view our products, we will be displaying our range at the Canning Vale markets on Sunday 15th of May 2011.

Kaos, are proud to announce the addition of several new lines to our product range. Firstly, we have a range of 5 new plastic recreational sit on top kayaks which come as single and double configurations. We also have 2 plastic Stand Up Paddle Board models, and also Epoxy/EPS Stand Up Paddle boards. Arriving soon, are a wide range of Epoxy surfboards, from high performance short boards, to Fishes, to Mini Mals, to Malibu's to Kite boards.

Due to the increase of our product range from just Kayaks, up to Kayaks, SUP's and Surfboards, Kaos will now be operating under the title, Kaos Watersports.

Kaos Kayaks are proud to announce the arrival of two new Sprint/Marathon designs to our range. The Bandit, and Halo, are two sets of boats available as K1, K2, and K4 configurations, in sizes ranging from S,M,ML,L,and XL. The fitout is fresh, hi-tech, simple, and extremely effective. The quality, finish and design of these two lines of craft, can easily rival or even exceed the standards of any other kayak manufacturer worldwide. There are four different laminates available, starting from as low as  $2199.00. Also new to our range, is our own brand of carbon fibre and fibreglass paddles, Kayak and Paddle covers, Kayak stands, and a good supply of spare parts also. Also, gone are the days of waiting lists, and delays in delivery. We are pleased to announce most products are held as stock items, so purchasing kayaks is as easy as picking your colour, and hitting the water.

 Kaos Kayaks are proud to be named the Primary sponsor of the 2010/2011 WA canoeing Marathon Series for the second year running. We will happily  put up a brand new kayak, for a lucky paddler to be drawn from a hat at the end of season presentation. Please see 2010/2011 WA Marathon Commitee Handbook for details.

 We are currently in the process of re-designing the Guppy K1. The new design will be based on the current hull shape, and will meet all current specifications. It will however, promise to be faster, lighter, stronger than the current version. The lines will be much sleeker, giving a much more up to date appearance. Not only will the design be overhauled, but so to will the construction method. We will develop the new moulds for a high tech. process known as Vacuum Infusion. This will give a far superior laminate with more efficient material usage. The grand plan is to build all boats with this method in the near future.The new Guppy is expected to be available before the end of the 2010/2011 marathon season.